Fabio is the consummate professional.

From website inception to design to execution and finally rollout, Fabio is with you each step of the way. Fabio’s knowledge, skill and expertise is accentuated by his attention to detail and continual drive to go above and beyond.

I highly recommend Fabio and washingmachinelabs.

Thank you,
Dr Matthew Schmerl

Vitalign Health and Chiropractic www.vitalign.com.au

Director / Vitalign Health and Chiropractic

I have just been admiring my website it’s so awesome. It is the best website I have seen in such a long time. I love it so much 🙂

And thank you so much for doing up the pH lab video for me at no extra cost I am so appreciative of your services and can not express enough just how professional and efficient you are.

Have a magical day.

Caradi– www.alkalizetoenergize.com.au

Company / Alkalize to Energize

Fabio’s filming and photographic expertise are second to none. His dedication and patience to get the right shot are, some what, awe inspiring.

Fabio hides away in the crowd and captures the most entrancing and enlightening moments that would usually, slip passed. And these shots are the best ones! Fun of laughter, smiles and genuine happiness.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Fabio and I know any professional, company or individual,will enjoy working with him too and his amazing smile and energy.

Enjoy your experience!

Julie – www.harmonyinlifecentre.com.au

Company / Harmony in Life Centre

There it is….. BOOM!!!! Well done mate…that look sensational!!!!!!!!

Love your work brother.

Andrew – www.andrewdavey.net

Company / Andrew Davey

Hi Fabio, Thank you so much for all your hard effort and the work and time you are putting into this. It is really appreciated and you will be rewarded in time.


Bilyana – www.proorganics.com.au

Company / Pro Organics

Adorei. Foi meu presente de Natal! Amei a versĂŁo do livro em vermelho.

Obrigado e Feliz Natal!

Wendell – Steinfilmes Produções

Company / Steinfilmes Produções